Simon Nurse

Three peaks

Hello. Thanks for popping by. As a cyclist, I’ve enjoyed most of the disciplines at various times. Spinning gently to work on a city bike. Packing my folder onto a train. Bouncing down mountain-sides on my MTB. Competing in Cyclo-cross races and even the odd road race and time-trial. If I were pushed into a corner, I’d say my favourite type of cycling involves long off-road trails, preferably on a cross bike. Outside of competition and leisure riding, I also coach as part of Cardiff JIF CC and write about cycling at

I feel strongly about the Singleminded initiative. I lost my mum and my cousin in rapid succession. It was very painful. Raising a bit of money feels like rather an important, or even vital thing to do.

Oh the picture……It’s the three peaks cyclo-cross in Yorkshire. I’m the one grimacing in the middle on the final climb up Pen-Y-Ghent. If you have a spare 4 hours, I’ll bore you to tears about it. Regardless of what the image suggests, you do actually get to ride your bike a bit.

Raising money for……Mum and Emily.